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Dec 14, 2022

This week we are going to look at why most real estate agents' and real estate investors' websites fail.

Standing out isn't a design thing, it’s actually a credibility positioning thing.

Standing out can be achieved through the use of evergreen marketing. Creating keyword and SEO-optimized content that is added to your website on a consistent basis and builds a library of authority in your market.   

It’s about building a brand that people trust.

"The biggest opportunity you have, outside of getting really good at marketing and going hybrid, is building a brand."

Results can take time and it’s worth it.

In this podcast episode, my guest, Trevor Mauch the CEO and founder of Carrot, shares what he has found when it comes to why most agents' and investor's websites fail. 

We talk about the research that Carrot has been conducting for over 10 years.  They split test and tweak all the elements of a website to find out what works, and what doesn’t.  

In our conversation, we talk about what they uncovered, including:

  1. The biggest branding mistakes that real estate investors make.
  2. Commoditization of a cluttered market.
  3. Social media not being the ‘golden ticket’ that everyone thinks it is.

The result is often a case of hamster wheel marketing. 

Where in order to get deals coming in from cold calling or direct mail, something has to happen every single time to move things forward or even maintain any kind of momentum.

That can result in devaluing your brand. 

Listen in to hear that there is a solution.

Carrot (a SAAS - software as a service company) provides websites and online marketing services for real estate investors, realtors and other high-margin service businesses, helping them implement the lessons they have learned. 

Most importantly it’s a tool that helps business owners build a brand and create a website that converts leads.

Watch the Carrot Evergreen Marketing webinar

When you’re ready here is how I can help you;

Work with me and my team on defining and growing your personal brand and building your business.

Let’s set up an initial call to discuss what that might look like