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Jun 7, 2022

How many emails do you have sitting in your inbox that you haven’t read yet?

Reverse that thought for a moment - how many of your emails are sitting in someone else's inbox that haven’t been read yet?

If you want to make great connections with people via email and enjoy more engagement you are going to want to listen to this week's episode.

Why you've got to check out this episode:

  • Hear about valuable ways to make your email follow-worthy and not something people want to block or unsubscribe
  • Find out the 3 persuasion approaches that make your emails engaging.
  • Discover one secret where people find it hard to unsubscribe from your list

Unfollowing or unsubscribing anyone on any platform only takes a few seconds. The same goes for email marketing.

Nowadays, people want to connect with someone they can relate to instead of just being impressed by them, especially with the rise of digital marketing communication.

In that light, how do you write email copy that is follow-worthy?

Taking us into her secret and golden insights on the 'personally brandtastic' podcast today, Kate Colbert shares her mantra of "quality beats size."

She stresses the importance of always giving value, and focusing on people when writing your email copy.

She shares the 3 stages of persuasion that tug at anyone’s emotional and logical reasoning to elicit a reply and engagement and ultimately do business with you.

3 Rs Read Resource Reflect:


Think Like a Marketer: How a Shift in Mindset Can Change Everything for Your Business by Kate Colbert




"Never argue with someone whose TV is bigger than their bookshelf." - Emilia Clarke

Kate Colbert is an accomplished marketer, speaker, market researcher, communications consultant, and author of the acclaimed book Think Like a Marketer: How a Shift in Mindset Can Change Everything for Your Business. She is best known for helping organizations go beyond creative hunches to achieve "data-driven differentiation" inspired by real customer insights.

One of the world's authorities on gathering and interpreting customer insights, Kate has led marketing initiatives for brands big and small, domestic and international. She is a valued advisor to organizational leaders and an eminent strategic storyteller with the ability to connect powerful brands with enthusiastic and loyal customers to generate sustained profitable growth. Kate regularly speaks to professional audiences about how to leverage marketplace trends to stay relevant and achieve a competitive advantage.

Her training programs help participants — from mid-career to C-suite — sharpen their communications skills so they can open more doors and close more deals. Kate serves as a personal communications coach for business executives and academic leaders, is a regular guest on Clubhouse panels and business podcasts, and has received numerous national awards for excellence in medical, scientific, and business writing.

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Connect with Kate Colbert:

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Connect with Paul Copcutt:

Topics Covered:

03:39 - How is it that email marketing is a blessing and a curse
05:16 - Five principles on creating sustainable and profitable growth in any business.
11:35 - Getting credit for being a trigger for someone's business or professional insight
12:35 - Filling up your client pipelines
15:34 - What to avoid in marketing
16:35 - Two kinds of follow-worthy content and email [plus a little secret for people not to unsubcribe]
18:49 - Three-streamed strategy of being persuasive
23:39 - Important tips in A/B testing your emails, headlines that make people want to open, and other important rules of thumb
27:12 - Should you pull people out from your email list?
30:14 - Nothing beats consistency
when it comes to communication
32:31 - Building direct mail lists versus postal service dropping of leaflets
35:52 - What do people expect from marketing communication nowadays that is key to your business success?
37:57 - Ways you can make yourself accessible to everyone and create that one-on-one connection
39:59 - Doing what works even if it's uncomfortable [putting yourself out on video]
46:58 - Knowing how to do that sentence finish for your brand
48:43 - Brands she adores that show an approachable persona and are brilliant
50:54 - Favorite podcast/books
52:17 - A tool she loves using

Key Takeaways:

"What can you send out via email that stakeholders will think is so cool that they got it, and they'll be grateful, that they will freak out with that kind of gratitude, that they will find entertaining, educational, or that will make them feel good. And if you can hit on a few of those cylinders, you're not just going to have great open rates, you're going to have people getting back to you, engaging with you, and your cash register will ring." - Kate Colbert

"The thing to remember about email marketing or social media marketing is, it is so easy for people to walk away. It's one click, unfollow, block, and unsubscribe. It's so easy to break a relationship these days because of digital marketing. It's really, really important that you have to be meaningful, thoughtful, and authentic. And you have to have really great content." - Kate Colbert

"Email isn't social media, but your content in an email; it has to be follow-worthy." - Kate Colbert

"If you are looking to be prolific, you want to write an email every week, or what have you. Be careful what you wish for, one, because that can be a heavy burden of creating all that content. And two, it has to all be good. You can't have one great email once a year. If you write 50 of them, all 50 have to be good." - Kate Colbert

"Think about those sorts of logic, credibility, and emotion. If you can fire on all three cylinders when you're communicating, you're much more likely to persuade people to do what you want them to do. But if you can at least get two of them, you're going to have pretty good results." - Kate Colbert