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Mar 30, 2021

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out the three core things that great brands do consistently that you can apply to your own real estate investing business
  • Learn why clarity of your vision and consistent delivery of your message matters the most
  • Discover a one-pager strat plan to help you communicate about your business and what you are trying to achieve

3R's - Read, Resource, Reflect

The Harvard Business Review

Ink pen and pencil set

"Your diary is a manifestation of your intent" - Anon

“Leaders cast long shadows” - Anon


What makes a successful brand? And how do brands stay long-term?

Not having a clear vision and mission statement makes you lose sight of your long-term goal.

Focus on the core foundation of a strong brand, create a clear vision and consistently communicate your message.

Richard Copcutt is a Senior Executive with global experience. He has proven ability as a collaborative member of an executive team to manage and grow a business. He has extensive background in sales, product development, brand marketing and strategic planning . Also, he has a proven track record of building high-performance teams and delivering superior business results. His specialties include: Business & Strategic Planning, Brand Management, Wholesale Sales, Online Retail, and Brand Marketing.

In this episode, Richard shares what makes big brands he has worked for stay long-term and how you can apply them to your own real estate business. He underscores how those brands have the consumer at the center of everything, having a laser focus on who their consumer is. He also talks about the importance of having a clear vision and having a consistent delivery of the message you want people to resonate with your brand. You can also expect to hear marketing strategies and tactics these big brands employ that would work well in your real estate business. It’s also good to hear what he says about these great brands’ practices when it comes to its people.

Topics Covered:

02:50 - Brands that Richard worked for
04:46 - What successful brands do consistently that you can apply to your real estate business
08:36 - Why you should be very clear about your vision and have your message delivered consistently
11:26 - Thoughts on guerilla marketing tactics and old traditional marketing
15:07 - Why need for alignment in these three areas: product, marketing, and sales
18:01 - How to make the rest of the 10 pillars to a business done when you are having two or three-employee team
23:16 - What to include in your one-page strategy plan
25:44 - What his favorite brands are and what make them great brands
30:23 - His preferred way of learning
31:46 - A favorite tool he uses for personal communication
34:05 - A belief system that impacted his life
36:23 - Inspiring quote from Richard: Take your business seriously, don't take yourself too seriously. Make sure you get your work-life balance sorted out.

Key Takeaways:

“What Nike is brilliant at is they would describe as a laser beam focus on who their consumer is. And it's unwavering, and it's at the center of everything.” - Richard Copcutt

“Regardless of the business that you're in, if you're totally clear about who you're aiming your business at, that's a huge, huge advantage for you.” - Richard Copcutt

“With Levi’s, it will be rare for them to sacrifice a short term win and endanger the long longer-term goal.” - Richard Copcutt

“In the brands that I’ve worked for, they are at their best investing in talent, whether that's encouraging employees to invest in themselves, that's one part of it. But also ensuring that the management team is nurturing talent, and making sure that they're investing in their people, their course correcting when necessary. They're reviewing and rewarding performance, and putting opportunities in front of people to push them and to further their career.” - Richard Copcutt

“So I think having a very clear reason for getting out of bed and what the company's mission is or what the brand stands for, and who you're trying to serve, and then just ensuring that that message is consistently delivered.” - Richard Copcutt

“You can have the greatest product in the world, you can have the best marketing campaign in the world, you can have the greatest sales closer in the world if the product doesn't get there and you don't get paid. It's all for nothing.” - Richard Copcutt

“There are elements of those where a good sales guy is always marketing his product and a good marketeer is always selling.” - Richard Copcutt

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