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Real Estate Investor Content Marketing - Attract. Nurture. Sell.

Mar 30, 2021

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how to find opportunities and create your brand that people connect and resonate with
  • Find out how to work on your brand to grow your real estate business
  • Learn how to avoid getting stuck and do away with analysis-paralysis mindset to get going and scaling

3R's - Read, Resource, Reflect

Millionaire Real Estate Agent - Gary Keller

Canadian Real Estate Expert - Don R. Campbell

"Ready. Fire. Aim" - Sarah Larbi


How do you gain traction in your real estate business?

Many of us are getting stuck with the analysis-paralysis syndrome, and it’s not getting you anywhere with it.

We say, get started, don’t aim for perfection, and work on your brand.

Sarah Larbi is an invited keynote speaker & workshop facilitator sharing her 7-step investing approach at regional & national real estate and investment conferences & events. As the host of the popular podcast “Where Should I Invest?”, Sarah interviews fellow real estate investors on their specific strategies and tactics. Sarah’s 7-step approach has been highlighted in media outlets including The Toronto Star, News Talk Radio 1010, and various investment media. As the REITE Club co-founder, Sarah co-leads monthly events and coaches and mentors new and established real estate investors across Canada.

In this episode, Sarah shares how she quit her day job and replaced her income with her real estate investing business in three years. With a clear vision and personal branding that she worked on, she was able to put herself out there. That’s how you make connections and for people to reach you. She underscores that if you are looking for some opportunity to create, you have to share what you're doing. Share it on social media and a website. Also, work with somebody who’s been able to help other people in different capacities and specifically real estate related. She also talks about how company culture ties into personal branding.

Topics Covered:

02:07 - A backstory of how Sarah and Paul started working together
04:17 - How branding helped her real estate business and replaced her day job income in just three years
04:51 - Getting traction with her brand
07:04 - Starting a podcast and being consistent with it
08:34 - The motto she lives by that got her to where she is today
09:01 - What she recommends new real estate investors on how to get started from a branding and marketing perspective
11:54 - Who she looks up to in terms of personal brands in real estate
12:39 - Personal favorites in terms of personal brands
13:28 - How company culture ties into your brand
15:08 - What Sarah Larbi brand is up to these days
16:51 - Sarah’s inspiring words for real estate investors: Ready, fire, aim, don't wait for perfection. Even if you think it's perfect today, it will be something that you want to change down the road anyway.

Key Takeaways:

“It doesn't have to be perfect. In terms of a deal in general, if you're looking for some opportunity to create a brand and you share what you're doing, share it on social media, share it on LinkedIn. If you're doing it professionally, you probably want something like a website to be able to have to send people to rather than, email or Gmail or Hotmail.” - Sarah Larbi

“Just get started. Done is better than perfect.” - Sarah Larbi

“From a branding perspective, it was nice to be able to work with somebody that's been able to help other people in different capacities and also specifically real estate related.” - Sarah Larbi

“I think the other part of branding is being able to create those connections. If you're out there, you've branded, you've got a website, you've got a path and a plan, the doors open so much for you. Even my podcast, just making sure that it's frequent and it's actually planned properly. And it's done well.” - Sarah Larbi

“From a culture perspective, that's probably what I paid the most attention to, versus what brands have.” - Sarah Larbi

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