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Mar 22, 2022

Often real estate investors make the mistake of employing marketing efforts before even developing their brand.

What happens is that you end up only creating misinformation about what your brand truly represents.

People end up feeling confused or even misled about who you really are and your message ends up not landing with the people you really want to reach.

And as a real estate investor, you don't get credit for what you are masterfully good at.

How do you create a real estate investing brand that does what it says and looks like?

Why you've got to check out this episode:

  • Discover the four critical keys that help your brand come alive uniquely so you stand out from the rest.
  • Learn how to create a language uniquely yours that you communicate clearly to people you want to reach and have an impact on them that they will remember.
  • Hear about the six bad consequences of messing up with your personal brand to avoid creating confusion and misinformation about your real estate investing business.

3Rs Read Resource Reflect


No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing by Dan S. Kennedy


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Sage Event Management


"How your brand speaks shapes its impact." - Rich Kozak

"Now is the time to define the brand you will become." - Rich Kozak

"I want that; what's in there?" - Rich Kozak

In this episode, Rich Kozak shares how to achieve a well-defined brand for your real estate investing business that comes alive and genuinely personifies what your heart desires and creates an impact in the lives of the people you truly care to serve.

Rich Kozak is the CEO of RichBrands, rocket fuel for people who want their Brand to IMPACT others' lives or the world. Rich is the sage voice of IMPACT-Driven Branding.

He is the Los Angeles co-author of Cracking the Rich Code Vol. 6 Amazon Best Seller in several countries, where he tells his story to find your purpose and grow your business after these apocalyptic times.

His next book, IMPACT-Driven Branding--The Brand YOU Will Become: How To Define It and The Steps to Achieve It, shares the process in HOW-TO content, just like Rich shares in his online 1-Day Intensives and 4-hour Live Workshops.

Rich, the Founder & CEO of RichBrands, has experienced 44 years Defining & Launching Brands and then Marketing them. As a Certified Global Branding Consultant with partners worldwide, Rich defined brands and their language for companies impacting 100's of industries. for FREE FAQs about Branding answered with straight talk that gives you clarity about Branding

Email and request "my blueprint," and I will send you "YOUR IMPACT DRIVEN BRANDING BLUEPRINT"
Or TEXT "blueprint" to 626-533-6432


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Connect with Paul Copcutt:

Topics Covered:

04:48 - Dispelling the misconception about Branding
07:30 - Why brand development first before marketing
09:12 - Do away with the process of misinformation about your brand
10:17 - What makes impact-driven brands?
16:41 - Four phases where people think differently about finances
19:58 - The four essential factors that make a brand come alive
25:54 - The result of brand development
30:07 - Four acid tests you need to pass in coming up with an excellent logo
32:34 - One important dimension real estate investors should think about in creating their brand
37:12 - Six bad consequences of not defining your brand
38:34 - A favorite personal brand -- one that understands brand inside out
39:17 - What makes this personal brand as his other favorite
42:17 - Marketing book resource he loves
43:03 - Reliable tools he uses

Key Takeaways:

"Whoever is listening, what is your brand? It is a perception. But it's not your perception. It's others' perception of you. That's really important. Because if people think they have a brand because they think that the brand is working, it's not what you think of it. It's how others perceive it. So that being the case, what is Branding? Branding is all of those things, all of those choices you can make, to create a consistent perception." - Rich Kozak

"Once that clarity is there of whom we're targeting, the clarity is there of what makes us unique, and that language has been created in brand development, everything the brand says and does align everything. And that is powerful." - Rich Kozak

"If it's a skill, or a heart characteristic, or a results characteristic that makes you outstanding, and that you're really good at, you have to take credit to get credit, and not getting credit is one of those things that happen when you're not consistent." - Rich Kozak

"When the brand is defined from the inside, and this is the difference; what I do and what the world likes to present as Branding is, okay, here's your brand, and now you have to become it. What I do is you write down those people whose lives you can impact. And we define the brand you must become to make those impacts and create the language that is unique to you." - Rich Kozak

"One of the problems is, people start marketing to get leads, and they do all kinds of stuff and the confusion and misinformation and spending a lot of money on marketing that doesn't work ensues because they haven't defined and languaged their brand first." - Rich Kozak

"You can make money in your real estate investment business. Just make sure you've defined and languaged your unique brand and your umbrella brand to get credit for what makes you outstanding and to language it, so you attract exactly those that you really most want to serve and really care to serve before you open your mouth." - Rich Kozak