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Real Estate Investor Content Marketing - Attract. Nurture. Sell.

Mar 8, 2023

You will learn how to create content that is frequent and of high quality for maximum online visibility to bring about powerful results.

"You have to have a really good understanding of your audience. 
  • Who is your audience? 
  • Who are you trying to reach? 
  • And then figure out where are they online? 
  • Are they voracious readers of blog posts? 
  • Are they more into videos? 
  • Are they likely to be on LinkedIn? 
You need to meet them where they are and not just put content out there, willy-nilly hoping they're going to find it." - John Egan

John Egan is a content marketing expert with a journalism background and research skills. He advises clients on understanding their audience and creating content that elevates their brand and drives lead generation.

John had to learn the hard way that the quality and frequency of content are key in content marketing. Determined to find a way to succeed, he experimented with various platforms and strategies. He eventually uncovered the value of repurposing content, targeting an audience, and finding cost-effective resources to help. With these tips and tricks, he was able to create high-quality content that spoke to an audience and helped a brand.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How AI-generated content is impacting content marketing
2. Strategies for creating content that resonates with your target audience
3. Tips for effective content marketing on a budget.

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Chapter Summaries:
Welcome to the Personally Brandtastic podcast. We help you build your personal brand and business so that people can find you. Personal branding is why they choose you. All about committing, and communicating how personally brandtastic you are.
content marketing is putting content out there that elevates your brand, gets brand exposure for you, and possibly gets lead generation and then revenue. Why is that important in a world where we are bombarded with marketing and messaging all the time?
You need to have a really good understanding of your audience. You need to target where you're going to be putting that content so it has a better chance of being seen and heard. AI-generated content is a good tool to use to help create content. But I wouldn't rely 100% on it.
Chat GPT only goes up to 2021 in terms of the data that it can tap into. That's a huge mistake. If you're going to rely on it in any way, shape or form, you need to do fact-checking before you publish anything.
Apart from AI, what other trends are you seeing in content marketing? You don't have to be everywhere, so you have to pick the platforms that work for you. Chat Gbt is going to dominate content marketing for the foreseeable future.
What is a good cadence for content marketing? It depends on the resources you have and that could be financial and human resources or technology. If you're not producing content on a regular basis then what's the point? Content can be repurposed for different platforms.
I am a huge advocate for quality over quantity. It just doesn't make sense to put out ten posts a day. And the thing is, I put out several blog posts, and several social media posts per week, but I schedule them all in advance.
What about the engagement side of content marketing? I do think it's important to respond within a reasonable amount of time. There are ways you can look at things like that and say, what do I need to do?
What should somebody be doing around measuring the effectiveness of their content marketing? Engagement is a very, very good measure. Google Analytics is a great tool in terms of trying to figure out who's coming to your website. Plenty of technology can do that analysis for you, depending on the platform.
You really need to be seen as a resource for people in your niche, your industry. If you're in commercial real estate, for instance, and you're catering to people who are investors, then you need to create content aimed at those investors. And they may or may not be evergreen topics.
What is an evergreen piece of content versus something else that's maybe more timely? What is a bank? Is an example of something that you may need to update later with more current statistics. enlightenment, education, and entertainment. Sounds like a ready formula for at least producing content that might get more engagement.
The Strip Down guides content marketing success. Secrets for Beginners is kind of A to Z in terms of content marketing. It's not meant to be a high-level academic type book, but more of a guide. Focus on the quality and don't worry about putting out ten blog posts a day.
You don't have to have a technical level of expertise in SEO to incorporate it into your content marketing strategy. Search engine optimization basically is saying, hey, here are some keywords that people use. You want your content to surface on the first page of search results.
There's no consensus on when to post on LinkedIn. Is there an optimal number of words for a particular article? More people are now looking at LinkedIn on Saturdays and Sundays. You need to figure out where people are in terms of their day.
Derek: Warren Buffett is a great example of somebody who knows what he's about. He says we could all strive to be a little bit more like Buffett. Derek: Who is your favorite personal brand and why?
I absorb information more along those lines than I do from a book or a podcast. I spend a lot of time on Google News and places like that where I can find out what's going on. Good newsletters know how to strike a balance and keep people coming back for more.
Do you use canva at all? I create all sorts of social media posts with Canva. It's so easy to use, and you do not have to be a graphic designer to wrap your head around how to use it. Do you have a new technology that you're enjoying?
One of the things I learned at one of the startups I worked at is to fail Quickly. If it's not working, at some point you've got to let it go. Figure out what didn't work, and then move on to something that is going to yield better results.
My book is available on Amazon. In fact, as we speak, we're finalizing the audiobook version, which is coming out very soon. Right now it's available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook versions. You can also find out more information about the book or about me on my website.
John, was that fantastic? Did it give you some ideas and actions that you can take right now to build your business? So get to it. Thank you for listening and have a fantastic day.

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