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Oct 11, 2023

Josef Schinwald is not your average podcast strategist; he is a visionary who views podcasting as more than just a platform for dialogue. With his diverse background and vast experience in the newspaper industry across several continents, he understands how to penetrate into the unique cultures of podcast audiences.

He specializes in helping professionals get onto elite podcasts and ensure that their message resonates and leaves an impact. Advocating the idea of leveraging other people's audiences, Josef believes that podcast guesting can exponentially increase personal brand visibility. His strategies have a global perspective and are deeply rooted in his astute understanding of human psychology, providing a blend of practical wisdom and innovative thinking. 

In this episode, you will be able to:
  • Discover the opportunity that podcasting creates for a powerful personal brand.
  • Grasp how to amplify your voice and reach by strategically appearing on podcasts.
  • Uncover the secrets behind hand-picking high-level podcasts with significant audiences and professional hosts.
  • Leverage your unique skills and knowledge to shine as a distinctive guest.
  • Find out the significant role podcast tours play in establishing your personal brand.
The true essence of podcasting's power hit Josef when he looked at the numbers. The fact that there were only about 400,000 interview-based podcasts out of 3 million intrigued him. Moreover, only a fraction of these podcasts were consistently producing new episodes. To Josef, this meant an untapped opportunity, a goldmine waiting to be exploited. The potential of reaching millions of listeners, building one's brand, and attracting an audience was enormous.

Moreover, the freedom to share one's expertise in a conversational, personal manner was a game-changer. The more Josef explored this medium, the more he was convinced of its value in enhancing personal branding and elevating one's business.

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