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Feb 8, 2022

I'd like you to stop listening to the R.E.I. Branded podcast.

BUT, what I'd like you to do instead is listen to a new podcast.

At the end of last year, I reviewed all the podcasts that had been published since the podcast launched in March of 2021. The top five podcasts most listened to and with generally the most feedback as well all revolved around the story of brand or the topic of brand.

What that told me is that the current podcast, the REI Branded podcast, is not always delivering what you want to listen to. So I had some conversations with a few trusted people and after having some deeper thought and longer thinking about this, I decided to relaunch this podcast, with the focus more on brand and in particular, personal branding.

Personal branding has been and is at the centre of everything that I do in my business, it's got me to where I am today.

It's the subject that I love.

So from the beginning of March, I am going to be much more focused on delivering for you specific examples, stories, and guests that will really underline the importance of personal branding for real estate investors and related professionals.

I don't really think that there's another podcast out there that does that.

You're going to find the content coming out from March onwards is going to be very much more practical and much more directly related to you and your business. I'm really looking forward to doing it. If you have ideas for guests or topics or generally have some feedback I would love to hear it.

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