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personally brandtastic

Apr 5, 2022

There is a lot more to websites than thinking you can create one as a combination of what you want and blending what you see in others.

The same goes for logos. People make the mistake of making them complicated and expensive when it comes to colours used, the design, and graphics.

You want to tie together your business goals, and the audience with a website and logo that represents your real estate investing brand.

How do you make your website, logo, and brand leave the right impression, strongly connect with people you want to resonate with and ultimately convert them to clients?

Why you've got to check out this episode:

  • Know the important elements to consider when building your website, so it ties back to your personal brand and speaks to who you are and what you stand for, and connects with your audience
  • Find out the mistakes people are making on their websites and what needs to be done to make your website more searchable on Google so everyone finds you.
  • Uncover how to make your logo pass the F-E-A-S-T test for all uses, purposes, and different mediums you can use them for so you love it and it stands out and speaks clearly to the audience you want to reach.

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"Be who you are, and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter. And those who matter don't." - Dr. Seuss

In this episode, Monica and Austin Mangelson share how to design and think of the aesthetics part of website building that works.

But more than that, they double down on how to devise a strategy to make your website and logo authentically speak your brand and truly express what you do, with your target audience foremost in mind.

Monica and Austin Mangelson are web designers who help business owners get clarity on their brand values in order to build bomb websites and branding that totally represents them.

They began working as graphic and web designers as a result of thrown-off-track plans. They were scheduled to work in Mozambique, Africa to serve in the Peace Corps but COVID cancelled that possibility. They ended up in day jobs they didn't love. They felt unsure about where to go and began exploring different interests and passions.

They began working as virtual assistants and helping other business owners manage the back end of their work. But they realized this wasn't quite where their passion lay. They delved into graphic and web design and have both absolutely loved it!

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Topics Covered:

05:24 - Why you can not do without a website today and how valuable it is for your real estate investing brand

07:14 - Designing your homepage to capture people's attention

08:06 - Making your website visually enticing for people to linger more

09:30 - Video as a means to connect straightaway

10:30 - Avoiding this mistake with email opt-ins

12:01 - One-page scroll versus multiple pages

12:24 - What helps with SEO on your homepage

13:19 - Relevant content to think about

14:05 - What are backlinks, and how powerful are they?

15:08 - Important thoughts on repurposing content

15:44 - Connecting your website to your brand: the strategy behind creating your website

17:27 - Three essential factors to think about when creating your website, redesigning, and updating it

18:50 - A tool you can use for spotting design flaws and mistakes you should avoid doing

21:07 - The significant benefit of using this platform

22:05 - Use these website platforms for the specific strategy you want to use for

23:13 - Frequency of website maintenance

24:16 - Designing your logo the FEAST way

26:42 - Advantages and disadvantages of using initials as a logo

29:29 - Are taglines worth considering for your logos?

30:28 - Why and how does color matter in a logo?

32:30 - Favorite personal brands that are good at owning their space and are industry leaders

33:45 - Favorite tools and resources they use

34:10 - How similar or different is Dubsado from Basecamp

35:19 - Podcasts they both dig in

35:51 - Challenges they are facing in their own personal brand

37:01 - Favorite quote that relates to personal branding

39:01 - Check out their FREE resource here:

Key Takeaways:

"The most important things to your visitors -- those big messages, you want to make them bold and standout. Another thing is having lots of buttons or your call to actions. You want to make sure those also stand out and make it clear what you want people to click on. You can also break up a lot of the text with pictures or icons or different images because we are very visual people." - Austin Mangelson

"A quick little introduction video of yourself talking on the very top section on your homepage -- that's a little bit step further closer to making that connection with people." - Austin Mangelson

"One thing that we try to balance when we are designing for people and creating logos and putting together a brand identity is you have this whole color psychology that you can look into to evoke those feelings and emotions of people." - Austin Mangelson

"A lot of people when you land on the website instantly want to throw that in your face. You don't even necessarily know who is offering that to you yet. You want them to be able to land on your hero section, see who you are, and start to build that know and trust that people need before purchasing from you. On the scroll down, once you hook them in and they want to know more, and you start to scroll, that's when it's appropriate to put a pop in." - Monica Mangelson

"Make sure you have enough on your homepage to tell them who you are, what your offer is, and make sure that they can get all the information they need without having to click to another page because the likelihood of them clicking to another page is really low." - Monica Mangelson

"Consider who your audience is; first and foremost, you want to build your website so that it makes sense for your audience and that they are attracted to it. And then you want to look at what makes sense to you, what feels good for you. Because you do ultimately want it to be a reflection of who you are and who your business is." - Monica Mangelson