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Dec 7, 2021

Why you've got to check out this episode:

  • Find out how you can make people stop the scroll and achieve that video pattern interrupt so you catch your audience's attention to what you do.
  • Bust myths, rumours, and stories about social media marketing and know about the ones that are tried, scientifically tested, proven, and working.
  • Know about the recommended content you should create that works for the different social media platforms.

3Rs - Read, Resource, Reflect


Leveling Up: How To Master The Game of Life by Eric Siu


Marketing School - Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips - Podcast



"It is what it is; life comes at you. How I react is way more important than what happened." - Scott Ayres

For real estate professionals, it's a real struggle to use social media effectively.

With distractions pulling people in different directions, it's a challenge to make people stop the scroll and catch their attention to what you do.

And then you wonder, which content to post, what works, and what doesn't?

In this episode, our guest, Scott Ayres busts myths about social media marketing, even those that he was taught in the past or are still being taught by "gurus" today.

Unlike many social media "experts" Scott brings a real-world approach and perspective to which business owners can relate.

For real estate agents, investors, and professionals, learn a thing or two and more as Scott shares action steps that can get your audience engaged with your content -- videos, text, or images.

Take note of what works, content-wise, for each social media platform you're posting on, as each has its different approach.

With social media constantly changing, to get ahead, pay attention as he shares about algorithms, what to do, and how it works on each social media platform you are probably on.

Not to mention recent updates from Instagram and other social media platforms you don't want to be missing out on.

Scott Ayres is a Social Media and Community Lead for Rightbound and the former Content Scientist for the Social Media Lab conducting extensive tests and research to help social media managers and business owners get the most out of their posts; busting myths along the way.

He is the co-author of "Facebook All-in-one for Dummies" and Podcast host for Social Media Lab and Social Media Lab LIVE show. He has written over 2000 blog posts on social media topics and has written for 3 blogs to make Social Media Examiner's "Top Social Media Blogs" list.

This episode was recorded when Scott was still a Content Scientist at the Social Media Lab.

Topics Covered:

02:52 - A backstory of his orange hair and showcasing the power of good branding
07:50 - How to go about video pattern interrupts and catch people's attention
10:19 - The idea behind putting up Social Media Lab
12:19 - Using a formula for a better success rate of running tests on social media
16:54 - What you should know about the placement of your hashtags, essential points to know, and more updates from Instagram
20:59 - How emojis are affecting engagement on Instagram
25:21 - Understanding algorithms and how they work on different platforms
30:41 - Suggesting the best thing you can do when posting the same content across all platforms
32:55 - Content that works on LinkedIn testing-wise
35:22 - Looking forward to testing how polls work on LinkedIn
37:22 - How are live videos working on all the different social media platforms
40:20 - What you can do as real estate investors when thinking about social media
43:32 - That brand that excites him the most these days
47:08 - Favorite podcast that he listens to
48:49 - A tool he uses for repurposing videos
50:45 - His life's motto

Key Takeaways:

"Realtors, you gotta be creative with those thumbnails. You might think you just want to show the pretty house, but you do something extreme a little bit. Maybe get a crazy zoom on it, or it's sideways or, you got to think of ways to catch people's attention on social media. Otherwise, you let your white noise, and they're just going to ignore it, especially if you post the same way over and over and over." - Scott Ayres

"Instagram came out and gave some updates on their explorer, in search. You don't have to just search by hashtags on Instagram; it's just keyword-related. And then they say as well, that hashtags go in the description, not in the comments. Hashtags in the comments will not show up." - Scott Ayres

"It's natural to do that [posting the same thing across all platforms] because you created something you want to get on everything. It's so easy; it's okay to do that. Just mix it up and think a little different on each one because each one wants to see something different." - Scott Ayres

"Testing-wise and content-wise what works on LinkedIn, text-only posts tend to always do better, they always get higher reach. Sometimes a 1,000% higher reach than a link post or a photo post. And I think why that happens is, on LinkedIn, you tend to only connect with people within your industry or at least close industries. And so people are more willing to give their two cents." - Scott Ayres

"What I love about doing live is, if you do have a community of people, even if there are only ten they'll engage, they'll talk to you, you can talk to them. Just like podcasts, you got to get an audience that's watching and listening. Then you take the live video, and you repurpose it." - Scott Ayres

"Authenticity is key. Quality over quantity, you've heard that a 1000 times. Don't feel like you've got to post every day, five times a day. Post whatever cadence that you're comfortable with that provides really good content. If it's not really good content, and you do not see engagement, then pull back and do something else." - Scott Ayres

"Don't chase the algorithms because chasing the algorithms is like a dog chasing his tail. You're never going to catch it, and you're just going to be frustrated. But do see what's working for others and maybe figure out how you can do it. Re-test it like we do to get leverage." - Scott Ayres

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