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Mar 22, 2023

Mickey Anderson was running a full-service marketing agency for 8 years and moved into solo consulting for a better lifestyle and balance for her family.

She specializes in content marketing and copywriting and helps smaller brands understand their niche and how to build their personal brand. Mickey learned the importance of relationship building, identifying her unique voice and style, and staying consistent across all her communications.

"It's okay to not serve everyone. It's not exclusive. It's actually going to serve people better, including you."

Mickey recommends optimizing one channel at a time and reverse engineering conversations to maximize potential. Finally, staying in regular personal communication with key people is essential to building a strong personal brand.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How to reverse engineer your sales process to replicate great conversations.
2. Discovering the power of focusing on one channel of communication to maximize success.
3. Uncovering the secrets to using content-based networking to build strong relationships.

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Chapter Summaries:
The key thing that I notice when it comes to larger brands, that smaller brands to struggle with is they try to be everything to everyone. And so that's really the biggest piece of advice that I give smaller businesses: It's okay to not serve everyone. It's actually going to serve people better, including you.
Whether you like it or not, you have a personal brand. Your personal brand is how people talk about you when you're not in the room. You want to identify the key parts of you that align with your ideal customer. And then you want to amplify that as much as possible.
Everybody has a personal brand. How do they start to identify it? Creating an ideal customer profile or a customer avatar. Every single communication needs to be very consistent.
Sometimes having a creative or a graphic designer or a brand strategist come in and help you identify the way that you want to present yourself in the world can be really helpful. Anyone who's creating communications or producing stuff on your behalf, you need to set them up for success.
There's a lot of real estate investors out there that don't even have a marketing budget. What's working well, what's not? How can you systematize that and replicate it? And it all starts with that.
Most people are selling you on the idea of lead generation paid traffic. So doing it from the other way and reverse engineering where you've already started from. How many deals would it take to transform your business?
Hannibal: Most of us get wrapped up in the need to be bigger and better and scale along with the big guns. If we just took the time to scale back and do less, but do it infinitely better, we will ultimately be more successful and more healthy.
You need one good channel of communication if it's the right channel to transform your business. Your Rolodex is your most important asset whether it's your email list or your contact list. Finding a way to stay in touch with people on a regular and consistent basis is transformational for most businesses.
What are the three or four things that you would suggest a micro business or a small business owner first looks at? From there, reverse engineering those deals, those conversations from the point where the deal is made and back. And then the final one is just staying in regular personal communication with that list of key people.
Taylor Swift is one of my favorites. Mel Robbins is another person that I love. She just launched a podcast. That's the power of a personal brand.
My favorite podcast right now is actually the Business Made Simple podcast. I just converted all of my business operations and my CRM to Click Up, which is an online application. Clickup is really the easiest to use individually or with a team.
Paul: Do the hard things first. Mickey: I find if I start my day with one hard thing, the rest of the day gets to be really fun. How can people get hold of you? Mickey: You can book a free phone call on my website.

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