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The Real Estate Investor Marketing Podcast

Mar 1, 2023

Are you a small business or real estate investor looking to unlock the benefits of marketing automation?

In this week's podcast episode, Michelle Nedelec, with over 20 years of experience in marketing automation, will explain how to use segmentation, content, and logic-based email campaigns to increase your revenue growth and consistency.

Everything from busting myths about automation to content ideas that will keep your audience engaged and have them eagerly awaiting your next email. Learn how to dial up and down your marketing for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

In this episode you will learn;
1. Segmenting the list into different categories
2. Creating content that resonates with each segment
3. Utilizing a marketing automation system with logic-based email campaigns

And more.

About Michelle Nedelec
Michelle Nedelec is an expert in helping businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to million-dollar companies, with their marketing automation. With over 20 years of experience in this field, Michelle is here to help you bust the myths and understand how marketing automation can help even the smallest of businesses increase their revenues.

Why is it important to understand the benefits of marketing automation for real estate investors?
Marketing automation is an essential tool for real estate investors, as it can help them create a more efficient and effective marketing strategy. 

By using automation, real estate investors can save time and money, while also increasing their reach and improving their targeting efforts. Automation tools allow investors to streamline their marketing efforts, making them more efficient and effective. 

This automation helps investors to better track, analyze, and optimize their campaigns, allowing them to maximize their returns on investment. In addition, marketing automation can provide real estate investors with a better understanding of their target audience. 

Automation tools can help investors track and analyze customer behaviour, as well as identify potential leads and opportunities. This insight can help investors create more targeted campaigns and craft more effective messages that will resonate with their target audience. 

Automation can also help investors build better relationships with their customers, as they can use automation to stay in touch with their customers and keep them informed of new developments and offers. 

All of these benefits make marketing automation an invaluable tool for real estate investors.

Michelle Nedelec has over 20 years of experience in Executive Coaching, working with clients ranging from 8 figures to solopreneurs.  Michelle runs the creative side of her Infusionsoft Done-For-You Marketing Tech services company helping entrepreneurs set up and maintain their Infusionsoft (Keap Max Classic) through her company, Awareness Strategies at

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