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Aug 17, 2021

Last year Paul Copcutt was interviewed by Adney Fernandes, a Commercial and Multifamily Real Estate Investor, Founder of the OnCom Network (now CanCom Investment Network). He shares his thoughts and ideas around marketing and branding in commercial real estate.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out branding and marketing ideas that attract rather than chase real estate investors.
  • Learn why there is value in asking rather than pushing where marketing your real estate brand is concerned.
  • Discover important thoughts and insights that you might have missed out on when it comes to your brand and marketing strategies.

Sometimes, instead of focusing on the most important things we need to do for our real estate investing brand, we get pulled in many directions wasting time and money doing things that aren't helping our brand building and marketing.

How can you position your real estate investing business to attract the right investor partners rather than chase them?

In this episode, let's listen to Paul's important thoughts on branding from a marketing and social media perspective.

Think about how you can leverage LinkedIn and Facebook for your real estate investing brand.

Hear important insights around targeting your audience, qualifying leads, and partnerships.

He is generous with actionable and useful tips on putting content out there, whether videos or written form, or any other forms of communication that generates sales conversation for possible conversion.

And with COVID shifting everything around us, make use of his suggestion of an old basic sales technique that provides a source of strong leads.

"The brand is trust and credibility, and marketing is about the visibility of that trust
and credibility."

- Paul Copcutt

Topics Covered:

02:07 - Differentiating branding from marketing
03:07 - The emotional connection that comes with buying a brand
04:51 - Two sets of attributes that you need to identify and you focus on communicating in terms of your brand
08:06 - Why targeting your audience is critical in branding your
12:52 - What you can do to attract real estate investors
18:19 - Eliminating people that are not your target investors when creating a video about portfolio package on previous deals
20:39 - Talking about brand consistency and leveraging social media, specifically LinkedIn for your real estate investing branding
24:44 - What giving and adding value can do for your real estate investing business
26:33 - Always asking versus pushing
27:45 - Thinking about your value proposition in qualifying your leads
32:08 - A basic sales technique you can make the most of
34:24 - What is so important to think about in terms of branding and marketing
35:26 - Partnerships and how it ties back to your target market

Key Takeaways:

"At the end of the day, success, visibility, and credibility of that brand is what other people say about it." - Paul Copcutt

"People buy based on emotional reasons versus rational reasons, in a lot of cases, particularly around successful brands." - Paul Copcutt

"Targeting your audience-- it's critical because you could spend a lot of time and resources and money trying to be everything to everyone. And you'll end up either chasing your tail or you won't be very effective. That helps you differentiate your brand. It makes your brand memorable. It helps people refer you, as well." - Paul Copcutt

"Like many types of sale, it's going to be a numbers game. In terms of, you're going to have to go and talk to 100 people to get ten people who are interested to get five people who are really interested to get three people that are going to invest. For that 100 up there, why not have something pre-recorded that you can direct them to versus having all that one-on-one. Leverage technology." - Paul Copcutt

"I would think that for the majority of people that are looking for real estate, not necessarily real estate investors, but people that might consider investing in real estate as a silent partner... I think LinkedIn is a very underutilized network. There is a lot of information you can get out of LinkedIn without having to pay for it. It's probably the only network where you can organically have success, trying to identify people and have sales conversations." - Paul Copcutt

"Always asking versus pushing. So, it will be a message saying, would seeing a presentation on multifamily investing, or medical plaza investing be of interest to you?" - Paul Copcutt

"Some of the good basic sales techniques like referrals...I think a lot of people ignore the referral avenue, and yet a referral is probably the strongest lead you'll ever get." - Paul Copcutt

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