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The Real Estate Investor Marketing Podcast

Mar 29, 2023

Tyler Basu is a content marketing consultant who helps entrepreneurs create short and long-form content to drive awareness and convert leads into qualified buyers.

"It's the long-form content that's going to turn them into a much more qualified lead and a qualified buyer. I heard not too long ago, there was a survey done on business owners that were selling a high-ticket product or service and they dug into how much time did somebody actually spend consuming your content before they bought. And the answer was something like 7 hours."

Unlock the power of content marketing with proven strategies to help you reach your goals!

Tyler Basu was determined to find a way to cut through the noise and get the attention of strangers. He learned through research and surveys that high-ticket buyers spend about 7 hours consuming content before buying.

He realized that in order to build trust, longer-form content was necessary instead of simply running ads and hoping for the best.

So he created helpful and free content that would provide value, build trust and loyalty, and ultimately turn strangers into qualified buyers. Tyler's story is an inspiring example of how determination and hard work can be successful.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How to Cut Through the Noise and Increase Qualified Leads
2. The Benefits of Paid Workshops Over Webinars
3. Strategies for Creating Effective Workshops

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Chapter Summaries:
When you're trying to drive awareness and get the attention of a stranger, your best chance is having short form content. Once somebody knows you, it's the longer form content that's going to turn them into a much more qualified lead and a qualified buyer.
In terms of attention spans when it comes to delivering content, how much is too much? How much before you start to lose people? And is there a certain length?
One of the things that people need to consider if they're running a free workshop versus a paid. Show up rates for paid workshops are as high as like 80, 90%. With free webinars, it's still like in most cases somewhere between 30% to 50% show up rate.
With webinars, the strategy is that it's going to be informational at first and then shift to a pitch. I've seen much higher conversion rates from a paid workshop to somebody to book a call if they're interested in becoming a client.
Some of the most common mistakes are like over sharing too much content. Another mistake is not validating the topic. Before you even consider going down the road of automating it or selling a recording, just do it live.
I'm actually learning a lot from Ryan Moran right now. My wife and I are considering creating physical products for early childhood educators for her market. What is your favorite business book or podcast?
I've been sticking to the same tech stack for a while now. I use ActiveCampaign for email marketing, thrive Themes for websites, and funnels. Do you have a favorite new apart from Chat GPT?

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