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Apr 14, 2024

Wondering how you can transition from single property investing to multifamily?

Join us for an inspiring and informative episode this week with Jen and Stacy Conkey! 

Get ready to uncover the secrets to success in the multifamily space, from cultivating the right mindset to navigating the unique challenges and opportunities in B and C markets. 

Learn how their innovative approach to education and mentorship is empowering investors like you to achieve financial freedom and build wealth through multifamily investing.

In this episode, you'll be able to learn about: 
  • Multifamily Investing: Learn about the benefits of multifamily investing, especially in landlord-friendly states like Indiana and Texas.
  • Mindset Shift: Understand the importance of mindset in transitioning from residential to multifamily investing.
  • Starting Small: Start with smaller multifamily properties (10-20 units) to gain experience before moving on to larger deals.
  • Avoiding Mistakes: Educate yourself on underwriting deals and conducting thorough due diligence to avoid costly mistakes.
Jen and Stacy Conkey are the dynamic duo behind Multifamily Mastery, a leading academy dedicated to empowering investors to achieve financial freedom through multifamily real estate. With nearly two decades of combined experience in the industry, they've honed their expertise in remote investing and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others.

Their approach goes beyond just teaching real estate strategies; it's about cultivating a mindset of success, providing comprehensive education, and fostering hands-on experience. Through their innovative three-year program, they guide students through every step of the multifamily investing journey, from property acquisition to asset management.

What sets Jen and Stacy apart is their commitment to building a supportive community and giving back to others. They believe in the power of collaboration and personal growth, creating a culture within Multifamily Mastery that encourages both professional development and philanthropy.

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