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Dec 7, 2022

On the podcast, Paul Copcutt interviews Laura Stewart about why branding is important for real estate business owners and professionals. Laura explains that everyone has a brand, which is their reputation, and that branding yourself with intent can help you control how you are perceived by others.

Laura also discusses how choosing the right brokerage can help you brand yourself, and how being top of the funnel allows you to speak about a variety of topics. Your personal brand allows you to be authentic and connect with other people. It also allows you to take your life in many different directions. To get started, ask your friends and family for their thoughts on your personal brand.

In order to build a successful personal brand, it is important to start by leaning into your natural personality. This will allow you to better connect with your target audience. Additionally, it is beneficial to ask clients or potential customers for feedback in order to get a better understanding of how you are perceived.

The funny guy realtor example is a great illustration of how being yourself can actually attract the right kind of clients. It's important to remember that not everyone will like or understand your sense of humour, but that's okay. The people who do will be the ones you want to work with, and they'll be the ones who are most likely to use your services.

Real estate agent and content creator Laura Stewart offers some advice on building a personal brand. She suggests that agents learn from experts in order to improve their skills, and that content creation can be a great way to build a personal brand.

If you want to be an influencer, you need to create content. However, you also need to do other things to run your business. Content creation is not going to be enough. You need to prospect, market, and show clients around. It is also important to create micro-content from your macro content so that you are omnipresent online.

It is okay if you are not good at something when you first start. Everyone has to start somewhere and it takes time and effort to improve. Don't worry about putting out perfect content at first, just start somewhere. Your friends and family will be your biggest supporters and it is okay to let people see you grow. There are also many resources available to help you get started with creating content.

Paul and Laura discuss the importance of confidence when speaking on camera. Stewart argues that scripting can actually do more harm than good, as it can throw you off if you forget even one word. Instead, she suggests that people should try to be more of themselves and speak from the heart.

This person is discussing how dressing down for work (e.g. on casual Fridays) can actually help you stand out and build better relationships with clients. They suggest that dressing to reflect your true self will make you feel more proud of your accomplishments.

Laura talks about their business partner, Jas Thaker, and how they have seen him progress over time. They say that he has gone from someone who was trying to be more polished to someone who has embraced who he is and that this is an incredible journey to watch. They also mention that Jas has inspired them to get out of their own way and start their own journey of creation.

There is a lot of opportunity for real estate investors to brand themselves online and attract joint venture partners. However, real estate agents who are just getting started are at a disadvantage because they are behind in content creation. Those who are consistent and produce a lot of content will eventually rise to the top.

Laura Stewart believes that TikTok is a great place for people to put out content right now because the platform is growing quickly and is based on interests rather than who follows who. However, she notes that Instagram is currently saturated and difficult to gain momentum on. Facebook fan pages are another great option for content creation.

Paul and Laura discuss the importance of putting in the work in order to see results. Laura mentions that she uses an app called Habit Tracker to help her stay on track with her goals and also discusses the importance of finding hacks to free up time and being consistent with one's habits, highlighting the importance of mindset and accountability in order to improve one's habits. They mention that a tool that can be helpful in this process is tracking one's progress. They also recommend being open-minded and constantly learning in order to figure out what works best for each individual.

Laura gives advice on how to achieve success, saying that confidence is important but that people should also just get started and not wait for the perfect time. They say that momentum is key and that by just doing something, even if it seems like you're flailing around at first, you will eventually find success.

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