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Mar 8, 2022


More than just mentioning and enumerating your values and what you do, it’s sharing those moments of how you displayed them in your dealings with clients and even any other person you encounter that makes you connect with people on a different level.

And when you talk about winning and growing in your real estate investing business, even differentiating your personal brand, nothing makes you more unique and relatable with people than your story.

What will make your story believable? It's showing and not just telling them. And the best way to bring your story to life is through videos.

When everything else is the same, and you're left with no other choice, the only thing that will make people decide is…YOUR STORY.

Why you should check out this episode:

  • Learn about the power of YOUR STORY, how it differentiates you, and lets you connect with people on a deeper level.
  • Discover the five dramatic demonstrations of a story that make people strongly resonate and decide to do business with you.
  • Find out how you can leverage your story not just once but many times over for your real estate investing personal brand's scalability.

3 Rs Read Resource Reflect


Hot Seat: What I Learned Leading a Great American Company by Jeff Immelt


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"If you're willing to change your story, that's in your head; you can create the life that you want. If you're willing to change your perspective, you can create the life that you want. And it all starts with storytelling." - Jude Charles

"Keep going no matter what." - Reginald Lewis

In this episode, Jude Charles digs deep to find the compelling stories that no one else knows & then leverages those stories to scale your business.

Jude Charles is a filmmaker, author, and speaker.

For over 15 years, he has been producing documentaries for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

He lives and breathes YOUR brand.

Connect with Jude Charles:

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Connect with Paul Copcutt:

Topics Covered:

04:53 - What makes stories for people so important
06:11 - The reason for people to hold back from telling their stories and why it's a wrong thing to do
09:08 - Key factor in storytelling that makes you connect with people
10:26 - What makes an impactful story?
13:13 - Making people lean in to your story
13:58 - The key to making an effective hook for your story
15:36 - Your story is your own and no one else's
18:16 - What ‘Dramatic Demonstration’ of proof is all about
21:09 - How you can best show your 'before and after' story as real estate investors
22:56 - Differentiating YOU with your story
24:41 - What makes videos an important medium to carry out your story
27:51 - Leveraging your story not just once but multiple times
30:34 - Discussing the three types of dramatic leverage of your story
32:21 - What's your endgame – making your storytelling powerful as real estate investor
36:41 - Understanding 'Dramatic Clarity'
37:42 - Getting back to your 'Why' - overcoming fears of going on videos
41:49 - What makes this personal brand a favorite of Jude
42:53 - One of the best business books that is Jude's favorite
46:09 - A quote he truly resonated with that he considers his favorite
46:48 - Sharing about who he believes are good storytellers and what makes them good at storytelling
48:53 - The different relationship created in a story

Key Takeaways:

"That's why story is important. It's what connects us; it allows us to get to know each other, even if it's our first time meeting. It's something different than just, Paul is a male who lives in Canada, or Jude is a male who lives in South Florida. No, there's a deeper connection. And that's why storytelling is so important." - Jude Charles

"That's the power of stories. And that is you're looking for that very specific moment. And that very specific moment helps me understand what you do, but how you're different in what you do, as well." - Jude Charles

"We talk to people every single day, test out the stories and see what people respond to see what gets them to lean in or what gets them to get asking more questions or what gets them engaged like they get lost in the story. Again, when you tell stories, it helps you build a deeper connection." - Jude Charles

"I strongly believe this. In 2022, as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, as an executive, you no longer have the option whether or not you tell stories; it is imperative to tell stories. Because not only is it used in every part of your business, but it's the only thing that someone can't duplicate or take away from you." - Jude Charles

"Hearing something said 1,000 times is not as powerful as seeing it once. That's the importance of not only just telling your story, but showing your story so that other people will believe and that is, belief is the currency I live by." - Jude Charles

"In my opinion, what I believe is that, as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, you need to show not just tell your stories, because when you create that dramatic demonstration of proof, people will believe it and when people believe they will become raving fans." - Jude Charles