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Mar 1, 2022

Doing what everyone else does won't put you at a competitive advantage.
And in a sea of sameness where there are hundreds of others that offer the same service at the same price, your brand won't stand a chance of getting noticed.
But differentiating your real estate investing personal brand gives you the upper hand.

Why you've got to check out this episode:

  • Discover the two most beneficial elements that you can focus on that give your personal brand the strongest edge in the real estate niche.
  • Find out how you can craft a unique selling proposition and value so you differentiate yourself from competitors and have an unfair advantage over the rest.
  • Hear about tips and advice on what you should look into the real estate business when you decide to go full time, so you get aware of what you are running away from at the same time get yourself into and manage expectations.

3 Rs Read Resource Reflect Read: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't by Jim Collins




"If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time." - Steve Jobs

Today on the 'personally brandtastic' podcast, Ryan Waller, Realtor and Real Estate Investor, shares how he went from a secure 20+ years corporate career to the uncertainty of real estate sales and in less than 5 years generated over $40 million in transactions and built an instantly recognized personal brand that put him in the top 0.5% of his market. 

In this episode, Ryan shares how he worked on getting his personal brand get noticed faster, growing his real estate business quickly, and having long-term sustainability that he aspires. He also talks about his unique marketing strategies that people resonate well with and respond to and how he commands an authority that people seek out that eventually leads to real estate business deals and relationships.

Ryan Waller is a father of 3 daughters and married to his wife Beth, living in Guelph, Ontario. 
Professionally over the past 25 years, Ryan has held numerous progressive positions in the corporate world. These include working on ad campaigns for some of the largest international brands, developing advertising and marketing campaigns for major retailers and managing sales teams at Kimberly-Clark and Nestle. 
In 2009, Ryan purchased his first rental property. After purchasing an additional three properties, he realized that he enjoyed real estate and obtained his real estate license in 2015. However, it wasn't until 2018 that he took the full time plunge into a real estate career, bringing his corporate background with him. In 2019, after being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years, Beth joined Ryan. Just three short years later, by identifying a niche in the local real estate market, their business boomed to $40 million in sales for 2021, putting them in the top 0.5% in their local market. 

Connect with Ryan & Beth Waller:

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Connect with Paul Copcutt:

Topics Covered:

06:10 - Talking about Unique Selling Proposition [USP]
07:16 - Advice for someone wanting to shift from a day job to full-time real estate investing
10:10 - Emotional connection as a reason for people to choose you over someone else
12:12 - Growing a brand from a personal perspective
12:40 - How he and his wife got into real estate
14:15 - Why he started with the agent route versus real estate investing
15:22 - Selling a product versus selling a service - how it relates and how it is different
16:21 - Two key factors he is focusing on that are beneficial in the real estate business
17:47 - Marketing strategies that differentiate you from the rest and zero into what the market cares about and relates to
19:53 - Unique and targeted marketing efforts to get the end result for clients
21:26 - A brand advantage they're leveraging on when marketing to clients
23:18 - Corporate experiences that helped him in the real estate business
24:16 - A hindrance that turns into a benefit
25:26 - Failures he experienced and lessons learned
26:46 - Talking about rental cash flows and market opportunities in Guelph
27:42 - Deciding to build a team and how they want to grow as a business
28:22 - The value of having mentors and coaches in growing your real estate business
29:56 - Things to look forward to in his business
30:44 - Ryan's favorite brand that turns coffee into a marketing experience
33:57 - Sharing his favorite book of which its philosophies help him day by day
35:30 - A helpful tool that he uses especially during a pandemic that has been a life-saver
36:20 - Favorite quote that resonates so much with him
38:09 - Growing your personal brand by doing something different with videos  

Key Takeaways:

"I had to be unique; you had to be unique in order to survive with such a saturated market." - Ryan Waller

"You may be running in the first few years at a loss, especially if you want to do some marketing to get your name out there. Be very careful and be very realistic. And I think that if you want to get into real estate as a career, you have to have some unique, compelling reason that people would work with you over someone else." - Ryan Waller

"We're not just some realtors in the market. We're trying to be a personal brand. And we're trying to be someone that you can call up an address by their first name. That's who we are. And we're a couple that sells houses, and we try to make videos that correspond to that, are relatable, and down to earth. And that's sort of the brand." - Ryan Waller

"It does give an edge in this industry to have negotiation power not only with your clients, but also with other agents as well. Just being able to feel comfortable negotiating, and not having your feelings hurt or not being afraid to approach somebody is a huge benefit." - Ryan Waller

"The niche that we carved out in real estate has been based on providing facts, data stories, and turning really boring real estate information into something a little bit more exciting or relatable to people. And it's formed this market authority, which was always sort of our goal, to come across as a market authority by giving basic information." - Ryan Waller