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Real Estate Investor Content Marketing - Attract. Nurture. Sell.

Feb 22, 2022

Why you've got to check out this episode:

  • Find out the critical steps you can do to strengthen your brand foundation
  • Discover the two personal branding assessment tools that help you choose the language to use when communicating and marketing to your target audience and the people you want to influence.
  • Find helpful and practical ideas and insights on how you can showcase your REI personal brand and attract the right audience.

Like anything you want to succeed at, building a strong personal brand takes time and the need to follow a process.

But once you've established your brand's core foundation, the rest follows.

Understand this three-step system and create a solid ground for your real estate investing personal brand.

In this episode, Paul shares how you can start developing and building a strong personal brand that clearly communicates your message to your target audience. Your personal brand can help differentiate you from others, and influence the right people to choose YOU over your competition.

Topics Covered:

00:48 - First step to the 3-step process for a successful and distinguished REI personal brand

03:00 - A personal branding assessment tool you can use for personal assessment

04:07 - Two buckets of personal attributes that help you to communicate to your target audience

05:13 - Why the need to identify your target audience at the same time know your competition

06:09 - What this second step is all about and how it helps you with

06:58 - A must for your personal branding

07:27 - What you need to understand with this third step of the personal branding process

08:48 - A wrap up of the 3-step process for a successful real estate investing business

Key Takeaways:

"I'm not a fan that a weakness can become a strength, but it's certainly good to be aware of your weaknesses and how you can minimize those and the impact that they have on your brand. But better to spend time leveraging your strengths." - Paul Copcutt

"Identify who your target audience is, you can't try and be something to everybody, because then you'll be nothing to anyone. So, it is vital you identify who your target audience is; it's not so much that you won't attract other people from outside of that target audience, but you only have a limited time and resources that you can invest in branding and marketing yourself." - Paul Copcutt

"Nowadays, a website is almost a must; people will Google and try and find you straight away by looking at a website or finding your other online presence. A website is kind of like your home country; it's where you can direct people to, it's where you can control the message. And you can control the traffic, and everything else versus anything else that you do elsewhere is under the control of other people." - Paul Copcutt

"My recommendation, particularly around social media, and if you're not spending a lot of time on social media, from a business perspective, is to get very, very good at one platform. Again, it goes back to identifying the right target audience; if you know where they hang out, then you can focus that time on that social media platform to engage with them and build relationships and get them to know like and trust you." - Paul Copcutt

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